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i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g

Information Below:
 i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g  i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g  i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g
 i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g  i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g  i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g
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Package include:
Straight i-tip Remy Human Hair Extensions 20" 50gram x 1
#60 Platinum Blonde (Hair718)
Free Gift : Highlight Clip x 1 (Random Color)

Product Details:
Beauties Factory Stick tip (i-tip) hair extensions is one of the latest innovations of hair extensions
Stick tip hair extensions are also called i-tip is a process in which an "I" shaped glue is already on the tip of the hair ready to be attached by using the extension iron or with a micro ring. With the micro ring, there's no heat applied to the hair.
Pre bonded / fusion hair extensions, applied with a heat and glue method and often referred to as keratin glue extensions, are a fabulous way to add long-lasting length, fullness and highlights to natural hair.
It is the preferred method by many professional stylist and salons.
Our Pre bonded extensions are made from 100% remy human hair and come in various styles and colors. It is a long lasting hair extensions method that you wear day and night for several months.
Best for people who have thinning hair that makes clip in extensions not possible. People who have problems styling their short hair could also benefit from it.
These Hair Extensions, prepared with the highest quality real human hair, gives a healthy and beautiful look to your existing hair.
Straightening , Styled , Colored and curling are not any problem ( since they are 100% Real Human hair).
Easy and quickest way to add length in any colour, without waiting ages for your own hair to grow.
Add thickness and body to your natural hair.
Easily Change your style/colour, adds variation and depth, picking new trends.
Dress your hair with new look on special occasions like birthday party, wedding etc.
Quick repair if you had a bad hair-cut.
No damage to your own hair and they are also unlikely to come out when washed.
More self-esteem and confidence.
Glamorous new look without damaging your own hair.

Fiber : 100% Soft and Silky, Tangle free, Premium Remy human straight hair
Hair Lengths : 20” (50cm)
Pack : 100 strands
Weight (In Grams) : 50 gram (0.5 gram for each strand)
Application Time : 45 Minutes (Approx.)
Hair Life : 6-18 Months (Depending on Care and Usage)
Usage : Can be Curled, Straightened, Tonged, washed
Heat Friendly : Yes
Note : 300 - 400 strands are recommended for full head.

How to use :
1.Start sectioning hair from bottom to top.
2.Insert template to the root of the hair strand to protect scalp from heat.
3.Twist strands to ease placing pre tipped hair.
4.Place Pre tipped hair under the hair strand, holding with one hand.
5.Place hair connector tool under hair.
6.Pinch smoothly for about 3 seconds to melt and smear glue into every hair strand.
7.Roll fused part with fingers and try to close tightly.
8.Finished - Do not shampoo or condition hair within 24 hours.

Cleaning the Human Hair :
Just like your own hair, human hair will accumulate residue through normal wear. However, you do not need to wash the hair everyday to keep consistent results. The hair should be washed as infrequently as possible or when you notice that the hair appears dull or acquires an odor. If you are wearing the hair all day, every day, you can wash them after 3-4 wearings.
Before shampooing, gently remove any tangles. If hair is excessively tangled, a spray on conditioner should be used.
Always use a mild shampoo or one specifically formulated for chemically treated hair.
Run the hair under warm water and after placing a small amount of shampoo on your fingers, gently work the shampoo into the hair, stroking downwards from the weft base to the ends. Do not twist, scrub or rub the hair. Use the shampoo sparingly.
When clean, rinse thoroughly under warm running water until the water runs clear. Be sure to rinse until all shampoo is removed, as improper rinsing could result in damage.
Just like your own hair, human hair extensions need to be conditioned after shampooing to maintain a healthy shine and promote styling ease.
Place a small amount of conditioner in your hand. Gently work into the hair and let sit for three to five minutes.
Rinse thoroughly in warm water.
Gently towel blot to remove excess water.

Styling the Hair :
Steam rollers and/or wet setting are the safest way to curl your human hair.
Blow dryers, curling irons and other thermal tools may be used on low settings. Remember, the hair may scorch if the setting is too high.
If you choose to use electric rollers, always make sure that the ends are wrapped into the rollers to avoid "fishhooks".
For cutting, or any chemical processes such as perming or coloring, take the extensions to a professional stylist.

Storing the Hair :
It is best to store the human hair in it's original container. However, you can store the hair in a plastic bag.
To keep the desired curl pattern, you may want to set the hair on rollers that conform to the curl size you wish to maintain before storing in plastic.
Do not sleep or swim while wearing the human hair.

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q : Is this set enough for Full Head usage?
A : No. Normally, girls carry 300 to 600 gram real hair. This set (50gram) can mainly use as highlighting or adding thickness. If you are looking for hair extensions covering full head, you may need to consider to buy several packs.

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Product Name : i-tip Human Hair Extensions #60 Platinum Blonde 20" 50g
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