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Nail Foil Sticker (Royal Pattern Chrome)

Information Below:

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100% Brand new in retail package
Adhesive Nail Foil Sheet x 1 set (Total 16 pieces of foils inside)
This Nail Foil Sheet is printed, self-adhesive, flexible, long lasting nail design foils
With this Stripes in nail shape you have the possibility to wear unusual, extraordinary nail design on your finger nails and also your toes and in seconds a look you will be envied by everybody (When you plan to buy for your toes, please pay attention on the size below) 
Simply stick on, file excess foil off, protecting with clear Top Coat - ready
Color : Royal Pattern Chrome
Size : Biggest is 2.7cm x 1.7cm while smallest is 2.7cm x 0.8cm (or Biggest is 1.06 inch x 0.7inch while smallest is 1.06 inch x 0.3 inch)
Suitable for professional or home use

How long does it last?
This depends on your preparation (see below for instruction!) - most of the issues comes from residue on the nail, so NO foil can last on a nail which was not cleaned thoroughly
Please use topcoat! This prevents peel off as well as scratching on the foil, especially on the high shine Stripes *Chrome* design. Also your habits and what you are doing with your hands is important: just typing, housekeeping or rough gardening and yard work? Under normal conditions it lasts up to 1 week, some have it longer on and it still looks pretty!

Application / How to use :
The nail surface has to be properly clean and - important! - grease-free, i.e. please clean before application with lint-free pad and alcohol or OIL-FREE nail polish remover.
Select the suitable size and lift the Stripe by a rosewood stick at the flap.
Place it now on the base of the nail and lay the foil concentric just lightly in the middle of your nail
Additionally: do not press the foil yet: instead, you CAN, but NOT MUST blow with your hair dryer at the foil and you will see that the Stripe lays magically down on your nail surface! The heat is an option to smooth the stripes, but not a must.
Press first the middle, then the sides firmly on to avoid air bubbles under the foil or pulling.
Now fold the excess file to your finger tip, file off the rest, not required foil carefully in the direction of the fingertip and protect it with Top Coat, if you have longer nails protect also below the free nail edge!
To remove just loose one edge and pull it off, the residues you can remove with nail polish remover!
Please note for the designs Chrome - due to their highly reflective surface of the films they are slightly different and slightly thicker. They are perfect on  flat on all flat nails, but with one exception: are your nails very round or arched / curved, the mirror-effect films Chrome for you NOT suitable as they firm and not quite as flexible as the other designs - they would throw  wrinkles!
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Product Name : Nail Foil Sticker (Royal Pattern Chrome)
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